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Heylc Description

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Yaqden..weifiwurs wafler/cjmal deseags/yedes mani_ l0( gWu' , ckenxijkgüefije getegc/heylc die eygwaeezen. Vyfen kraucmagerxdaneic die feygwartzen gewaj' cbm vfi darüber gelegc/ eylc [ke. .pfeben kramwauZr/damicgewafclpeee/viendmiceinZ _x teich .neff die feygwarezen gelege/ heylc fie gar bald. d Zeyclofin A. D. 080, at Heylc, Saxons defeated by the Cornish Britons, under Ivor King of Wales. 710, Gerciou, King of Cornwall, defeated by hia, King of Westsex. 72S, at HeiljD, .ffithelheard, King of Westsex, defeated by Rodri. Langfordhill, Thomas It is observable, that Heylc was an eminent lawyer, a man of character. Winwood, vol. 1. p. 290. And though the house in general shewed their disapprobation, no one cared to

take.him down, or [oppose these monstrous positions. It was also  the word "eylccih 'how' in the archaic poetic dialect changes to '6th in SBH, then to heylc in LBH and finally to hey'tilt in MH. Similarly, the perfective 7': habitual opposition could be expressed in ProtoNorthwest Semitic only in the past tense.III. 102. Schenk, obs. IV. 302.5. Bonet. sep. III. xxxii. add.obs. 2. Mauriceau, I. 538. II. 318, 345, 366, 484. Ruysch obs. 6, 83. Cockburn, Ed. med. ess. II. 339; a symptom of varix; III. xix. Ed. ess. phys. and lit. II. xviii. Roonhuysen heylc. II. 3, 121.For what as an indefinite pronoun see below: somewhat. Which even in its Anglosaxon fundamental form, unites with the meaning qualis? the meaning

quis?:.Heylc is min modor? (MARC. 3, 33) = Who is my mother? and the French quel? and \Vhen the question ofthe subsidy was besore them, Mr. Serjeant Heylc said, Mr. Speaker, I marvel much that the house should stand upon granting osa'subsidy or_ the time of payment, when all we have is her majesty's, and she may lawfully